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Missions in Clarkston, Georgia

Clarkston Mission Trip 2016:

August 1-5 Westminster hopes to host over 100 children of refugee families at Camp Westminster. Join us!

Over the last 10 years Westminster has partnered with Friends of Refugees and Camp Westminster to bring children from 1st to 8th grade to experience camp and to hear the Word. God has literally brought the world to our door. Join us in this opportunity to lovingly serve and share with them the hope of the gospel.

6-10 volunteers are needed for this week at Camp: To serve, please email Erik Veerman at

Evening worship services at Westminster PCA in Atlanta

Evening Worship at Westminster

All are invited to worship with us on Sunday evenings. Join us for a Soup’s On evening meal of soup, salad, bread, and dessert at 5:00pm followed by worship at 6:00pm.

4 year Bible reading plan

4-Year Bible Reading Schedule

To increase our time in the Word, and as a way to hold one another accountable, the Board of Deacons has committed to a Bible Reading Schedule. A schedule has been created that will allow each member to read the entire canon of scripture during his term and you’re invited to participate with us.

The schedule covers the Bible in a four-year period allowing breaks for Sundays and major holidays.

Download the complete 4-year Bible reading schedule.

In addition to the booklet, weekly readings are published in the bulletin and sent out in our weekly email.

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